Takeru Tanabe

Sales Department at Head Office

Joined the company as a mid-career fiscal 2006

Type of your job and challenge of it

The best thing is to hear customers say,"Your products are the best."

I work in sales. I do route sales mostly. The other job is to respond to customers coming through our website.
The number of inquiries on the Internet has increased dramatically since we renewed our website, so I go to companies with new fields to sell our products using information on the website.
We have a lot of difficult requests from customers, but when they say, "I like your products the best.", I feel so happy.

Impressive job・Unforgettable job

When I close a deal with high volume of sales, I am very happy.

I remember all the companies I did business with, every one of them.
But when I close a deal with high volume of sales, I'm simply happy and can't forget about it!(laugh)
And when I hear customers say, " We can rely on nothing but products of Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd." I feel like "I always knew they would say so (grin)". So when I hear such words, I feel so much satisfied with the work.

Motivation to join the company

I had the chance to join Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Originally, I did't go to industrial school but I went to a music technical school. After I graduated, I got a job related to music but my income was not stable...(laugh)
I got a part-time job at a factory, and came to enjoy making things. Then I went back to my home town and I had a chance to join Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd where my acquaintance works. I've been working for 12 years in the company.

What is Ohmi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is like?

This is the company that is advancing a step ahead.

It's the company that keeps on producing something new and different. There is a department called products development and I'm developing new products there. It is a company with motivation that doesn't get satisfied with products as before but always tries to move one step further.
Among the boss, subordinates and co-workers, they communicate each other well so I think there are not so many complaints.

Message to students.

Anyway, I want you to keep on working
I want you to find the pleasure and challenge of the job out of it.

There are too many jobs you don't understand unless you get involved in them. I think it is hard to judge from its appearance and from what you hear. First of all, try to work for as long as 3 years instead of deciding "This is not the right job." just after working for 1 year. Then, definitely you will be able to find something pleasant. First of all, I want you to continue working. I want you to find a challenge and reward for your job while keep on working. I'm waiting for you to enter the company!