Quality Policy

  1. Establishing and operating ISO9001, we will realize the best quality in Japan, conduct the technical innovation leading to new value creation and make our footing solid.
  2. We will continue to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Quality Policy

Obtain ISO certification.

Obtain ISO certification. Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Quality Management System Standards 『ISO9001 / JIS Q 9001』

From April, 2014, we made efforts to obtain "ISO9001", international standards on the quality management system and after the registration examination, on May 9, 2003, we obtained the certification from the registration organization of the General Incorporated Foundation, Japan Quality Assurance Organization.

Certification Outline

Name of the Registered Operator
Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
y Scope of the Registration of Activity
Design,development and production of bubble-prevention agent, cross-linking processing aids for fluoro rubber and resin compound・Design, development and production of rubber products
Registration Organization
General Incorporated Foundation, Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Registration Certificate Number
Registered Address
Head Office・Main Factory
1466-5 Nagasawa, Maibara-city Shiga prefecture 521-0061
Relevant Office
Samegai Factory
341 Shiori, Maibara-city Shiga prefecture 521-0032

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