Resin Compound Process

Meeting various needs at our two factories.

We produce various compounds for olefin resins and masterbatch and at our first factory, we process filler-related products and at our second factory, we process materials mainly for films in the clean environment.

Usage Example
Auto parts, packing materials, plastic products like building materials

Kneading process of PP, PE-based plastic

Customers’ needs

Material selection
Functionality granting

Our Company

Processing machine type selection
Processing condition setting


We do not only processing along with the designation of various conditions by our customers’ but also using our processing technology,
we custom-make products that meet customers’ needs by the condition setting that matches materials.

The First Factory

A dedicated factory for filler type compounds.

Taking advantage of our strength of the knowledge for powder, we compound fillers mainly for auto parts.


  • Taking advantage of the strength of a powder manufacturer, we realize highly dispersive filler compounds.
  • By various facilities, we can respond to various materials including talc, calcium carbonate, glass fiber.

The Second Factory

A clean factory mainly producing materials for natural type films.

It was built in 2006 and the inside has the specification based on the clean room and it prevents contaimination from outside. Taking advantage of the characteristics,we produce various kinds of compound and various kinds of masterbatch mainly for film.


  • Inside the factory is specified as a clean room and prevents contamination form outside.
  • We can respond to soft materials and produce low hardness products such as TPE and materials with slow crystallization speed.
  • We have underwater cutting equipment and produce round-shaped pellets as well as usual strand cutting.
  • We respond to various materials like powder and liquid using various automatic weighing instruments.