Kunihiro Kanamori

CML Section Production Operator

Joined the company as a mid-career fiscal 2017

Type of your job and challenge of it

It looks like a simple task.
But it does not in my mind.
That's the interesting part.

Currently, I'm engaged in the job producing bubble-prevention agent.
I've been working here only for 2 years and at first I felt uneasy worrying "I wonder if I can do this job.", but I think I'm used to it now with great support of my senior workers.
Learning how to operate a machine is not enough because even the same machine works differently according to humidity, temperature, or if it is in the morning or afternoon. So, I'm doing a job that requires flexible responses each day. It looks like a simple task but it does not in my mind (laugh). It's the interesting part of the job I'm working. You might not understand this unless you do it.

Impressive job・Unforgettable job

I think about what to do to do it well and if it works, I feel so happy.

When I inspect powder that a machine packed in small bags, I set up the machine and try it , thinking " How can I make small bags neat?". If it isn't successfully done, I set it up in a different way and repeat the process. Machines work differently each day. Even if I operate the machine as usual, sometimes I hear a different sound and I start wondering, "What's wrong?" and "What's different?". Then I keep on adjusting carefully and when I can do it beautifully, I feel so glad and happy.
But when I fail, I feel depressed wondering "Why????"(laugh).
When I don't know the reason, I ask my senior workers and try again.

Motivation to join the company

I changed jobs because "I wanted to be involved in a manufacturing-related job."

After graduating from graduate school of health and wealth department of Chubu Gakuin University and College, I did a welfare-related job for 4~5 years in Hikone city. After leaving the job, I joined this company.
Originally, my father is working in a manufacturing-related company and he took me to the events held by those kinds of companies from my childhood. Since those days, I have liked machines and cars and I had thoughts that "I want to be involved in a manufacturing job.", so I took a risk and change jobs.
Actually, when I joined the company, there were 2 positions but I was the third person. (laugh)
But still, I had a chance to have an interview and luckily, I was employed!!

What is Ohmi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is like?

This is the company where I can improve myself just step by step but steadily.

I think this company makes me improve myself.
When I started with the company, its share percentage of CML went to the top in Japan, but I was worried because I became a member of such a big company. After I was taken to exhibitions and I obtained various qualifications, I feel I'm improving myself step by step though the steps are small.
There is a system called "Proposal System" in our company in which we can report any time what we have noticed while working and suggest improvement, and we can report our complaint about our method of work and have them improved. They listen to employees as a company and comply with our opinions so I find it very comfortable to work in the company.

Message to students.

I want you to have a courage to take the first step and challenge every kind of thing.

Please challenge every kind of thing. Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd has a system that you can tell them your ideas, so if you have thoughts that you want to improve yourself or you want to challenge, all you need is a courage to take the first step. I'm looking forward to working with you.