Rubber Kneading Process

We knead natural rubber and synthetic rubber and provide products taking advantage of the various checking functions.

Mixing various synthetic rubbers with reinforcing materials like black carbon and softener then we refine them in the company. We respond to costomers' needs like rubber sheet or ribbon shaped molded rubber in a short delivery period.

We compound and synthesize rubbers in the company, so we can provide rubbers that meet customers' requests. We can respond to the detailed requests like trial kneading. As for the kinds of rubbers, we deal in natural rubber, EPDM, SBR, BR, CR, NBR and so on.

Usage Example
Valves for water, Rubber products like various kinds of packing.

Rubber kneading-related equipment

  • 75L Kneader 1
  • Φ18inch Roll 1
  • Automatic weighing instrument for small amount of chemical 1 line
  • Powder automatic weighing instrument (Hopper 7) 1 line
  • Rubber cutting machine 1
  • Batch off cooling line 1 line

Rubber testing-related equipment

We are fully equipped with various facilities to test rubbers.



  • 3L Kneader
  • 10L Kneader
  • Φ6inch Test roll
  • Φ10inch Test roll
  • Φ20mm Rubber extruding machine
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Curelastometer
  • Mooney viscometer
  • Automatic hydrometer
  • Gear oven aging tester
  • Rubber cutting machine