Naoko Kanazawa

Technology Department

Joined the company as a new graduate in fiscal 2018

Type of your job and challenge of it

The job changes every day so I find it interesting and I think it's challenging.

Currently, I check the quality of our products and I'm developing new products. In quality management, I check the products of our main factory every day. In the development job, we propose a new product, conduct various experiments and collect data for commercializing them.
We are not always doing the same thing, and the job that changes every day is really interesting and I feel it is challenging.

Impressive job・Unforgettable job

I could move on to the next step supported by senior workers.

I've been working here only for 7 month and haven't experienced anything big, though... We have a development meeting once a month and during one month in-between, we have to conduct various kinds of experiment and report the results. In my case, I came from completely different field, so I didn't know "how to advance it." and there was a time when I couldn't move on from there.
Back then, I didn't even know if I should ask someone or I had to judge myself. But senior workers around me helped and supported me and I managed to go through the situation. I reflected on myself and could move to the next action so it was good.

Motivation to join the company

I joined in the company because I was impressed with the words, " I want you to put the knowledge of another field into use."

After graduating from graduate school of Ishikawa Prefectural Univesity, I joined the Technology Department of the company as a new graduate.
During my university days, I majored in bioresources and environmental science and I was leaning what has nothing to do with my current job.
When I happened to listen to Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd at a job fair, I heard, "It's OK to join the company from other fields, we would rather ask you to put the knowledge of another field into use." Then I thought, "It might be good to find what I can do in this company." I joined the company because I wanted to be involved in quality management and research and development and because at the job fair, the atmosphere of the company was very good and I found the company very attractive.

What is Ohmi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is like?

There are a lot of funny people in this company.

Really, this company has a lot of funny people(laugh). People who work in the laboratory of my department are all funny. We talk about our job and our private things.
Of course we have the pecking order but everybody is frank and we can communicate with each other very well and it's very comfortable to work in this workplace.

Message to students.

Don't miss what you are interested in and go for what you want to do.

I understand you are worried thinking, "Am I really going to be hired? " If you look at a job posting and get interested in something in it, it's worth listening to the company even if the business type is different. Don't miss what you are interested in and move toward what you want to do. Job hunting is a good chance to find a company that is suitable for you. Good luck!