People we are looking for ・People we are not looking for

We have made the images of employees clear so that applicants can get an idea of working for Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., values employees’ diversity and in fact, many employees with various attributes are active in the company. We think it is wonderful if every one of you can fulfill your fullest potential and identify your dream with the dream of Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

To meet as many people as possible who can go together with us, we have described the types of people who are doing well now in our company as “People we are looking for” and the types of people who are not likely do well as “people we are not looking for” and made a list.

people we are looking for

  • Those who are liight and have nice smiles.
  • Those who are cheerful and energetic.
  • Those who are "fun" and can enjoy everything.
  • Those who can build a good relationship with other people.
  • Those who get excited at unknown things.
  • Those who like to think through.
  • Those who want to feel the joy and sensation of achievement with their fellow workers.
  • Those who don't get discouraged and sulk whatever happens.
  • Those who can play a role flexibly according to the situation.
  • Those who try to figure out the way to handle the situation instead of saying reasons why they cannot do.
  • Those who can say their own opinions and ideas frankly.
  • Those who can understand things correctly and honestly.
  • Those who have a sense of discovering issues.

we are not looking for

  • Those who are lazy to think.
  • Those who want to win even with hitting someone below the belt.
  • Those who prefer stable condition to change, who retreat to safe ground.
  • Those who show no expression and darken the atmosphere, who transmit a bad mood around them.
  • Those who think they are not lucky enough, who always think negatively.
  • Those who think a knack is everything.
  • Those who can't have a heart-to-heart talk with others.
  • Those who are always blaming others.
  • Those who don't like to work in a team.
  • Those who don't care if they are vulgar or sloppy.
  • Those who lack common sense.
  • Those who don't care about ethics.
  • Those who are self-centered and won't listen to others.
  • Those who think the company will produce their careers.
  • Those who are arrogant , who think condescendingly.
  • Those who change their attitudes depending on people they are with.
  • Those who are insensitive.
we are not looking forThe reason why we make the types of people we are not looking for clear.

The reason why we make the types of people we are not looking for clear.

Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. makes the types of people we are not looking for clear on purpose. It is because we think applicants can check their aptitude and ability against the images of our employees more easily in advance.
We open the doors to various people, but we expect that these images of workers will be criteria for judgement in applying and can avoid the mismatching for each other if only a little. Between employees and employees, employees and the company, we aim to grow mutually in a good relationship, so we are showing these two kinds of people as a set.

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