Exploiting the Chemistry of Limestone

Ohmi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was born in 1954 as a manufactory of industrial light calcium carbonate with limestone as the raw material. Since then, our company has focused on the properties not only of calcium carbonate but also of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide to contribute to society by providing our original, high-functionality products to all industries.


Bubble-preventing Agent

The bubble-preventing agent CML, with calcium oxide as its main constituent, is a product which was developed by our original technology and knowhow. It is used not only in rubbers and plastics but also to prevent product dysfunctions caused by moisture upon heating in the vulcanization process, by removing the moisture brought in by the compounding ingredients. Bell-CML has now been developed for olefin resins. Unnecessary drying processes prior to molding can be obviated by adding Bell-CML, in which the bubble-preventing agent and the olefin resin are combined into master pellets.

Products Lineup
  • CML#21・#22P
  • CML#31
  • CML#35
  • CML#41・#42
  • Bell-CML
Light Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is made to play effective roles as filler agents by changing the particle size and by treating the particle surface with organic materials to apply chemical changes. With rubber and plastic, it is effective in providing strength for shock resistance and surface smoothness of the product for shininess.

Products Lineup
  • Light Calcium Carbonate
  • Success 200S
  • Success 200R
Acid Acceptors for Fluoro Rubbers

Today the demand for fluro rubbers is expanding in the automobile and other industries. The powder processing technologies (pulverization, classification, surface treatment) of our company are exploited in developing and producing specialty calcium hydroxide in which high purity, ultrafine particle size and high dispersibility are combined for use as cross-link promoters and acid acceptors for fluoro rubbers.

Products Lineup
  • CAL-M
Resin Compound Processing

Various compounds and master batches of olefin resin are produced in two plants, Plant No.1, which processes filler-type materials, and Plant No.2, which processes mainly materials for film applications in clean plant facilities.

Rubber Molding

Rubber, which is refined in our company, is used to press mold industrial rubber products such as various gaskets. Leave to us the work up to the adhesion to metal (glazing). In addition, we are a rubber products manufacturing plant certified by the Japan Water Works Association, as well as a supporting member of the Japan Fire-fighting Equipments Manufacturers’ Association, mainly engaged in the production of rubber products for water supplies and sewer systems.

Rubber Kneading Process

Fillers and softeners such as carbon black are compounded with natural and various synthetic rubbers to be refined in our company. We answer our customers’ needs with fast delivery of products up to the stage of rubber sheets and ribbon fabrication. Since we carry out the compound composition ourselves, it is possible to provide rubber according to the requirements of the customer. We are able to answer detailed needs such as prototype kneading as well.



Head Office
Head Office

1466-5 Nagasawa Town, Maibara City, Shiga 521-0061

Tel: +81-749-52-2068 Fax: +81-749-52-2071

Samegai Factory
Samegai Factory

341 Shiori Town, Maibara City, Shiga 521-0032

Tel: +81-749-54-0006 Fax: +81-749-54-2852


March, 1954
March, 1961
The capital 2 million yen
June, 1964
"CML" Start of manufacturing.
January, 1967
Calcium carbonate is switched to dryness by thermal power.
January, 1970
Absorption amalgamated "Samegaitansankakougyou".
March, 1978
Samegai factory is started as a food additive manufacturing factory.
March, 1980
The capital 50 million yen.
May, 1980
"CML" Factory built.
March, 1984
Samegai factory office built.
May, 1986
Samegai factory press factory built.
May, 1988
Headquarters office built.
October, 1991
Resin compound factory built.
August, 1997
Acid acceptor for fluorine-containing rubber factory built.
May, 2003
Attestation of ISO9001 was acquired (CML section).
December, 2006
Second resin compound factory is built.